Window Film Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does solar control film last after it is applied on the glass?

The life of the film depends on various factors like how it’s applied, orientation of the window, location etc. There have been cases of film lasting for more than 10 years.

Is there a film with zero visibility?

We have recently introduced a Blackout film that completely blocks light, thus preventing visibility from both sides.

Can I install the film myself?

Installation is fairly easy and you can do it yourself by following the steps shown in one of our site features -- Do-it-yourself instructions. However, it’s better to use the services of trained installers to prevent bubbles from appearing, damage to the film or wastage.

How long does it take to apply the film?

The time taken to affix the film depends upon various factors, like the place of application, access to the glass, the installer's efficiency, type of film, time of application etc. Normally, it takes one to three hours to affix the film on a car (without removing the window glasses), depending on the model.

Can I use a solar film of the windscreen of my car?

Yes There are special films made by Garware Polyester which can be installed on the front screen of any automobile. These are specialty films which block upto 50% of the solar rays coming in from the front and at the same time there is no compromise done on the visibility factor even while night driving.

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